Portal IC - Industrial and Corporate Warehouses


Portal IC currently manages 320k m² (3.4 mil ft²) of property. Its facilities are located in the states of Paraná and Santa Catarina. Its cutting-edge infrastructures are strategically located in locations to allow business to be close to southern Brazil’s main ports and roads, to maximize their profits.

Why lease a warehousein an industrial condominium?

Leasing a high-end industrial condominium will provide endless advantages in both the industrial and corporate sectors. For retailers, a logistics condominium is invaluable asset for their business.

Portal IC strategic locations are well suited for distribution centers because of its visibility and traffic flow.

For industrial facilities, the condominium features isolated warehouses, with flexible floorplans and set up in regions that facilitate logistics.

Portal IC also addresses corporate needs, making available the infrastructure for your administrative facility.


In addition to our modern architecture and landscaping, all warehouses feature Portal IC’s state of the art security system. By leasing one of our warehouses, companies can reduce their security costs, maintenance costs and cleaning costs because these areas are covered on a pro-rata basis among the tenants. An excellent deal!

The right size for your needs

Gated condominiumsof modular warehouses

Portal IC flexible floor plans are between 500 and 22,200m². Floor plans can be used individually or in conjunction with other plans to maximize efficiency. If your company needs to increase its business operation, the logistics condominium is prepared to offer a quick and effective transition.

Find the ideal space for your business!