Who we are - PORTAL IC
Providing warehouse services for over 25 years

PORTAL IC has a solid reputation for building high-end industrial, logistics and corporate warehouses available for lease.

The finest warehouses in Latin America

New leases coming soon

PORTAL IC has 5 corporative industrial and logistics condominiums. They are located with easy access to Brazil’s main ports and highways.

There are approximately 320K m² (3.4 mil ft²) of modular warehouse space. Units measure in sizes between 500 and 22,000 m² (5,381 to 236,800 ft²). Each unit built to perfection to customize your business needs.

The company is recognized for its continuing efforts in maintaining its high buildings and security standards. All problems regarding the safety and concerns of our clients are dealt with in a fast and efficient manner.

The unique architecture and landscaping incorporates state of the art features as well as modern trends in engineering.


To provide the most economically, efficient and modern facilities to meet the needs our clients.


To achieve the highest possible service that sets the standard for industrial, corporate and logistics facilities.


PORTAL IC is always on the leading edge. Our determination to achieve the impossible is in our DNA. Our team has developed ventures in capitalism that anticipates market trends and meets the needs of our customers by providing an ethical relationship of mutual trust and respect.